2 Walking Hearts: what an adventure!

Some weeks ago we have been contacted by “a couple of forty years old people with a lot of energy and enthusiasm” who were asking us if we were interested in supporting their project “Greater Patagonian Trail”. We have therefore contacted Marco and Laura, two great hiking and travel lovers, who in 2005 left their jobs to move in the mountains (Prealpi Orobie) and explore the world.

After having passed some years travelling in South-East Asia and in South America, Marco and Laura decided to start two extraordinary projects.

In November 2016 this energetic couple did something truly incredible. Marco and Laura walked for two thousand kilometres between Casazza (Bergamo) and Finisterre (Finis Terrae in Latin, which means the border of the Earth). Finisterre (which is in Galicia) is the end of the Santiago’s walk and it is a place of stunning emotional impact. Just think about that ancient people thought it really was the final border of the World. We suggest you to have a look at the pictures of the end of the walk of Marco and Laura (you can find in the website also many other nice pictures about their adventure).

This remarkable travel had the objective of sensitise people about the importance of the prevention of breast cancer and it has been and important channel to spread the story of women who have defeated cancer. Moreover Marco and Laura, who have self-financed 100% of the expedition, have collected more than 6500 Euro donation which have been donated to the Association “Cuore di Donna” (Woman’s Heart).

After the 2400 km of the Bergamo-Santiago journey, Marco and Laura though it was not enough. In May 2017 they have completed another trekking in Tuscany, stopping by 13 Croce Rossa (Red Cross) offices in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and letting people know about the work of the Red Cross local branches. Here you can find the details about the experience.

This winter Marco and Laura are about to start a new journey once again. This time they will travel on the Greater Patagonian Trail, the longest trekking in South America, which connects Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego – Land of Fire, Argentina) and Santiago of Chile, passing through Patagonia and the Andes. Their aim goes beyond physical effort and the kilometres they need to walk: their journey will be based on the “Leave No Trace” philosophy. Also via the picture they will take during the walk they will try to make us fall in love with Nature and in this way encourage us to respect and protect it.

We, the Bivo Team, will do what little we can: we will help them spread their picture and the principles of “Leave No Trace” philosophy to encourage the people who read our blog and follow our social pages to develop the desire to fully enjoy nature.

In addition, we will provide material support to Marco and Laura providing them a stock of Bivo, which will be useful to them when they will be in the middle of “nowhere” and will need nutritionally complete food, able to give them all the energy they need to accomplish their extraordinary adventure.

To know more we invite you to read more at their website http://2cuorincammino.it/