Best hiking paths by night

One of the experiences that deserves to be experienced by an outdoor enthusiast is to walk illuminated only by the moonlight.

The sensations that can be felt by going on the road at night are totally different from those that are experienced during the day. This is because much more is perceived with the senses that we normally use little: hearing, touch and smell become essential when the eyes see little. That’s why in this short article we wanted to collect some of the most fascinating trekking routes when faced on full moon nights. However, in nocturnal trekking it is necessary to observe greater precautions than those that you would adopt by planning the same excursion during the day. In addition to the obvious advice to bring a flashlight and spare batteries with you, we recommend that you do not choose routes that are more difficult than you would find because getting your bearings at night is certainly more complicated: for the first time we recommend a route easy, which you would consider trivial if faced in the light of the sun.

Sanctuary of Madonna del Monte – island of Elba

The first proposal is taken from an old article and gave us the input for this new episode of the column through which we try to provide some ideas for your walks. The setting is exceptional: the island of Elba and the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. The path to be done in the late afternoon guided simply by the moon and the smells of the Mediterranean maquis is the one that leads to the Madonna del Monte Sanctuary.

From the Pian delle Fugazze pass to the Campogrosso refuge in Veneto

The most classic of night-time excursions for the people of Vicenza is the one that starts from Pian delle Fugazze and leads to the Campogrosso pass in the Little Dolomites. A walk with modest difficulty that, thanks to the snow, can turn into snowshoeing and which, once you have arrived, allows you to taste the delicious cuisine of the refuge, crossing first the entire pre-alpine chain of Sengio Alto.

Monte Altissimo and Church Refuge from the Prati di Nago in Lombardy

Do you want a different evening than usual? This night hike is definitely for you. For experienced hikers, the climb to the Damiano Chiesa refuge is quite easy (even if the difficulties due to the night climb should not be underestimated) and will allow you to admire the landscapes on Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains, the Ledro Alps, the group of Carega, the Lessini and the Brenta. An option to take into consideration is to go up in the late afternoon, admire the sunset at the top (having dinner with Bivo, of course!) And take the road back at night. Be careful that this excursion, if carried out in the winter season, becomes challenging.

Excursion to the Corno Grande in Abruzzo

An excursion to try absolutely at night is the one that leads to the roof of Abruzzo on the Corno Grande at 2912 meters above sea level starting from the hotel of Campo Imperatore. During the journey you will have the opportunity to admire various species of wild animals, such as chamois and eagles, surrounded by the beautiful contour of the Adriatic coast.

The Portofino park in Liguria

The most beautiful vantage point of the promontory of Portofino is undoubtedly Semaforo Nuovo. And what better time to enjoy the panorama that gives the Ligurian coast if not the Sunset? The ring starts from Pietre Strette and in the first section you have to take a panoramic balcony overlooking the sea that precedes the inlet of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte and Cala dell’Oro. The hike continues among the rocky cliffs that plunge into the sea surrounded by the warmth of the evening that accompanies us to the sunset to admire at the Semaforo Nuovo to finish admiring the stars and listening to the calls of the woods.

And you? What was your last excursion? Or the one that moved you the most? Write to us at and win Bivo!