Bivo at Ultra Trail Via degli Dei

The weekend just ended was very stimulating for us at Bivo. Friday 12 and Saturday 13 we were busy with our stand in Bologna at the start of the event organized by the Ultra-Trail Via degli Dei association. The splendid volunteers of this association have organized 3 different competitions in these days: the most important is certainly the Ultra Trail Via degli Dei with a total length of 125 km; the Flaminia Militare Trail and the Monte Senario Trail. In addition to these competitions, they also organized a night race at the Montagnola park.
We had the pleasure of being present with our stand during the whole day of Friday in the historic Sferisterio della Montagnola, inaugurated in 1822 for “the ball game with the bracelet” and now converted into a multifunctional gym. In this evocative context we have had the opportunity to let Bivo taste the more than 300 athletes who have presented themselves at the start of a non-standard enterprise, to complete the Via degli Dei in a few tens of hours. This important trekking route, one of the most beaten of Europe with its nearly 10,000 trekkers a year, becomes in fact this weekend of the year the circuit of one of the most famous Ultra Trail races of our country.
We also had the honor, for the first time, of being able to propose our product to all athletes in the six refreshment points provided for. We hope that some of the participants will be able to use Bivo to reach the finish line with a little more than sprint and feeling less fatigue.
Finally, we like to emphasize how the spirit of this event is in the name of friendship. Suffice it to say that the winners of the men’s rankings are two, Peter Kienzl and Jimmy Pellegrinelli, who, after running together during the 125 km race, crossed the finish line, receiving both the first prize … which naturally included a pack of Bivo packets.