Bivo – emergency outdoor food

It has never happened to you to wake up at 2 am, drive from Ravenna to Abruzzo, do 5 hours of trekking and then, once you get to the shelter, you can’t enter because the entrance is submerged by snow. Well, that’s what happened to Omar Cai Salatissimo. In addition to being a Bivo tester, Salatissimo is one of the most important Italian outdoor influencers and bushcraft (its channel now has over 15 thousand subscribers).

In one of his last excursions, of which you find the report on his youtube channel, Omar has lived a huge unexpected. After a march of over 5 hours, arrived at the bivouac Iaccio della Madonna in Abruzzo, he received the bitter surprise that the entrance to the bivouac was submerged in snow. At this point Omar and his traveling companions did not lose heart and started trying to shovel the snow that blocked the entrance. After 3 hours of extra effort they managed to break through and enter. Omar, as he told us in a video published a few weeks ago on Bivo’s Facebook page, managed to complete his business thanks to Bivo. In fact, he was able to dig through the snow without pauses thanks to the “innovative outdoor food”. On the other hand, he would have to find a way to cook himself a substantial meal with little time before sunset.

As we often explain, Bivo is an excellent emergency solution for those who go to the mountains. In these scenarios the unexpected are just around the corner and even the most experienced trekker can find himself having to face the change in the conditions of his excursion … You want it because the weather has changed suddenly, or because you have found the passage of a closed path or because the wrong path has been chosen (to whom it has never happened).

Among our readers there will surely be someone who for his trekking is fond of the classic “panino con la soppressa” (to be translated more or less like “sandwich with ham”) … Do not tell us that we are from Veneto … Or choose your excursion based on the gastronomic offer of a given mountain hut. However, even the most traditional of hikers will have had to eat while walking because they lingered to take some pictures of the landscape or because they could not keep up with what was expected (perhaps in the first seasonal excursions). Well we also recommend these people to Bivo.

A Bivo bag weighs just 114 grams and gives you more than 440 calories, a good energy supply in a small quantity of powder. Bivo allows you to re-hydrate, nourish and walk at the same time and also, thanks to its specific formulation, you will have energy both immediately and in the long term.
These are excellent reasons, and for us enough, to leave a Bivo bag on the bottom of your backpack. And for you?

PS. Someone will say, “and the shaker?” Well the shaker we give you for free is certainly useful on many occasions, but it is not necessary. This means you can use any half-liter or more water bottle instead of a shaker. And who faces a trek without a bottle?