Great is not enough

Step forward if you don’t know the story of Greta Thunberg. Greta is the Swedish 16 and a half year old girl who decided about a year ago to stop attending the ninth year of school to start her personal “climate school strike”. Greta presented herself at the Swedish parliament building for each school day from August 20, 2018 to September 9, 2018, the day of the Swedish legislative elections. The purpose of his strike was to ask the government to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the following months Greta was the cover face of the Fridays for Future movement, the international student movement that regularly strikes for the climate. Like Greta, “we are facing an existential threat, the greatest crisis that humanity has ever suffered“.

We have already talked about these issues in this blog (in this article but also many others and we feel to support the words of Greta when she states that “first of all we need to become aware of the problem and do something as quickly as possible to stop the emissions and try to save what we can.”

A few days ago we shared a video appeal by Pescho Anvi that invited all mountain lovers not to abandon their waste in the woods and challenged his followers to take home even the waste of the savages that passed before them ( We share almost everything with that video.

In our opinion, the global events that have taken place in recent months to ask the governments of Europe for a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, even if they may not be immediately useful, are from a collective awareness point of view . A change in global climate policies is needed immediately, and this change will not happen without peoples being aware of the problem.

It is equally clear, as Pescho says, that to manifest without changing one’s lifestyle is “too comfortable”. If you go to demonstrate for the environment and then you do not separate waste, you eat meat every day and when you go into the forest you throw your waste in the trees, then it is better if you stay on the couch watching tv.

So on the one hand we share Greta’s battle for governments around the world to create immediate policies to combat climate change. On the other hand we support Pescho’s slogan “Greta is not enough” so that everyone, in their own small way, do something to protect the environment. For outdoor enthusiasts this means not abandoning waste during their excursions and, as far as possible, bringing those of others to an ecological island.