Interview to Filippo Canetta, founder of Wild Tee

Filippo Canetta is an entrepreneur, founder of Wild Tee, a company which designs and produces technical clothing for sport with an unique design. Filippo is also an athlete, passionate about ultra trailrunning and about outdoor sports. We wanted to ask him a few questions: there are many adventures that Filippo can tell us.

D: Ciao Filippo, thank you for dedicating time to us and our readers. We met during and outdoor event, the Grande Trekking in Carrara, and we were curious to know more about Wild Tee products. Do you want to tell us what it is about and how the business idea was born?

Filippo: Wild Tee was born on the natural paths of our mountains and targets outdoor activities enthusiasts who do not want to let down their own style even in their technical clothing. We were really tired of the same old t-shirts with fluorescent colors, so we created a totally new line which can help who wants to be connected to Nature, with her own Nature.

D: How was your love for running born?

Filippo: My uncontrollable passion for outdoor running was born as a reaction for a bad episode of my life. It helped me overcome a difficult moment and it is still with me now, after dozens of thousands of km.

D: We witnessed your GT5 race, your shape is great. How much did you train to be so fast?

Filippo: Lately because of my job and my family duties I can train much less, but I try nonetheless to enjoy my free time running.

D: You have also been the captain of the ultratrail Italian national team, can you describe the emotions that you felt representing your country abroad?

Filippo: I am a really shy guy, but I need to say that representing Italy in international races has been an unforgettable emotion.

D: We are curious to know what was the most beautiful run of your life so far.

Filippo: Every race, especially the longest ones, are single journeys. It is hard to pick one. For many reasons, I am very happy to being able to finish the Western States 100 Miles (the oldest 100 Miles Trail), the Spartathlon (the historical run of 246 km which Filippide made from Athens to Sparta) and the Marathon des Sables (250 km in self-sufficiency in the desert)

D: We have read a sentence of yours, which states that “man can run more than horses”, can you explain what it means?

Filippo: The demonstration is indeed the Western States, of 1974, Gordon Ainsleigh was left without horse and participated to the Trevis Cup run by run, creating the first 100 miles run.

D: What do you say to whom believe that running is ok, but without exaggerating?

Filippo: Everyone has to do what it feels right. I always say that human body is extraordinary. It is a machine built to resist to extreme stresses, but beyond a certain threshold it breaks. Human body can resist to crazy stresses if you reach those levels gradually, training day by day, until we can realize something we did not believe it was possible.

D: Tell us about a particularly emotional moment, among others, in which you were running long distances in some far part of the world?

Filippo: In April I was lucky enough to participate to the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert. It has been an experience, like our t-shirt, which connected me back to Nature. An entire week, with only what you have in your back pack, sleeping on the ground, with dust, without water, without light, without phone, just running…amazing.

D: What are your programme for the future? Your objectives?

Filippo: I do not plan too much, I like doing things as they come up…in August I have decided to participate to the PTL.

D: Speaking about nutrition, do you follow a particular diet?

Filippo: No diet, whole and healthy food as much as possible, but I eat a little of everything.

D: The last question is about Bivo. You tried our product, what do you think about it? Do you think it is useful for trail running?

Filippo: Yes, I had the opportunity to try it and I appreciated in particular its digestibility. It would have been a great support during Marathon des Sables.