Natural parks in Tuscany

We are talking today about one of the regions that, from the point of view of trekking, has certainly a lot to offer. So here we are finally in Tuscany.

The paths to offer you in this land are endless. We have therefore chosen to talk about the 6 natural parks in this region. Of course for each park there are several trekking routes and, outside the parks, many proposals that could be for you. Of course, as always, we await your feedback and your alternative proposals.

What to start from? Well of course from the Park which is the setting for the coolest trekking race in the world: the Great Trekking! Here is the first path that can only have the Regional Natural Park of the Apuan Alps as its protagonist. In this park there are various interesting proposals (try to believe but our choice falls on the excursion that goes from the mouth Pianza passes through the mouth of the Faggiola and then rises to the summit of Mount Sagro. A path that takes about 3 hours but that will allow you to enjoy an excellent view both on the Tyrrhenian coast and on the Apennines (and those of us who participate in the Grande Trekking know what we are talking about).

The second park we want to talk about is the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park. We have written about this park in the past ( ) proposing the Alta Via dei Parchi that crosses the Apennines between Emilia, the Tuscany and the Marche. This park has a reference website ( even if the trekking section is very tight. However, we point out the Sentiero Spallanzani ( that from Reggio Emilia leads to San Pellegrino in Alpe. An 8-day trek, 135 km and a vertical drop of 5000 meters.

We continue in the wake of the natural parks and go to know the Regional Park of Migliarino San Rossore and Massaciuccoli, a park that can give us scenarios dominated by unspoilt nature halfway between land and water. Here too the paths are different, characterized by various levels of difficulty, and allow you to appreciate the various environments that the park offers: from the lake, to the hill, to the marsh.

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We have already talked about the Casintine Forests National Park ( and It is a park of a thousand colors in Autumn that gives a show, as far as the foliage is concerned, wonderful in autumn but that in every season has its own because in hiking.

If you are looking for dream scenarios, we suggest you consider a holiday in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The paths worthy of mention are different and scattered among the various islands. The landscapes that these islands allow you to enjoy are really fantastic, you don’t even need to say it and it is also difficult to describe them in words. To deepen the discussion, see some photos and choose which path to take we leave you at the park’s official website.

Finally, the Maremma regional park. This area, characterized by the heights of the Uccellina Mountains and the marshes below, does not provoke in the travelers any fears of the past that dared to challenge them. Indeed, they are an excellent territory in which to decide to spend holidays in the name of the outdoors. The site of this park is well done ( and offers various proposals to experience the park and walk it far and wide on foot, by bike, by canoe, in a carriage or on horseback … in short, there is something for everyone.