What does Bivo contain?

Bivo contains about 440 calories, which means one fifth of the recommended calories for the normal daily activity of an adult. 

Bivo is ideal in any moment of the day and can be consumed at breakfast, at lunch, or at dinner, or in any different occasion when you need energy in a healthy, balanced and tasty way, avoiding the traditional quick and unhealthy food.

Bivo’s nutrients are spilt according to the proportion of the typical mediterranean diet. The caloric content of Bivo is given for the 52% by carbohydrates, for the 17% by protein, for the 22% by fats and for the 9% by fibers. In addition Bivo contains also all the vitamins and mineral salts which your body needs.

All the ingredients in Bivo are of plant origin. Therefore Bivo is designed to be suitable also for the people following a vegan diet.

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Carbohydrates constitutes the main source of energy for our body.
Bivo contains the quantity of carbohydrates typical of the Mediterranean diet.
There are mainly included in oat flour and in maltodextrin.
Maltodextrin provides immediate energgy without burdening our digestion,
while oats contains low releasing energy carbs, that are slowly absorbed.
The result is that for at least 4 hours after having drunk Bivo you will have
the energy you need, without any glycemic peak.


Proteins are the essential element for the proper functioning,
growth and reparation of all living cells.
In Bivo the main source of protein is pea protein.
The presence of flax seeds and oats add up on the protein content of Bivo,
completing its amino acid profile.
The particular characteristics of the protein composition of Bivo
make it a food which is particurlarly suitable to who follows a vegan diet.


Fats are vital nutrients for our body.
Particularly important ar omega3 and omega6, that Bivo contains
in the right quantity and in the right proportion.
They are substances which are useful to prevent degenerative
heart diseases and to lower high blood pressure.
In Bivo the main source of fats is coconut oil, useful to lowering
the level of low density cholesterol (LDL).
In addition fats are provided by borage oil and flax seeds.


Dietary fiber has many advantages, among which the prevention against
cardiovascular diseases, the reduction in the absorption of fats
in the blood and the regularization of intestinal activity.
Fibers are also functional to the metabolism, since they favor
the reduction of glycemic peak and of the insulin response.
Ground flaxseed and oat flour are natural sources of fiber.

Vitamins and mineral salts

Bivo it is not only complete about the macronutrients,
but about the micronutrients as well.
Bivo contains in the right proportion all the main vitamins and
mineral salts that your body needs.
The details of the content of vitamins and mineral salts of Bivo is
described in the following section on nutritional values.


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Hereby below you can see in details the ingredients of Bivo.

Avena sativa L. (fruit) oat, food-grade maltodextrin, pea protein, coconut oil, flax seed (Linum usitatissimum L. seeds), potassium citrate, borage oil (Borrago officinalis powder), dolomite, vegetal fiber, choline bitartrate, Camu camu dry extract 50% titrated in vitamin C, iron gluconate, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, manganese gluconate, vitamin B3, yeast enriched with selenium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, beta-carotene, vitamin B9, vitamin B8, vitamin B12, vitamin K1, vitamin D3.

Nutritional values

Hereby below you can see in details the nutritional values of Bivo.
GDA: Guideline Daily Amounts.

NutrientsIntake per portion of Bivo Natural (packet 114g)Intake per portion of Bivo Cocco (packet 114g)Intake per portion of Bivo Mango (packet 114g)
Energy440 Kcal / 1860 Kj446 Kcal / 1874 Kj449 Kcal / 1885 Kj
Carbohydrates57,5 g59,4 g60,4 g
of which from sugar4,7 g4,4 g4,2 g
Fat10,9 g10,9 g10,9 g
of which are saturated4,6 g4,6 g4,6 g
Protein18,4 g18,4 g18,5 g
Dietary Fiber20,9 g18,6 g17,6 g
Salt0,04 g0,04 g0,04 g
Potassium360 mg (18% VNR)360 mg (18% VNR)360 mg (18% VNR)
Calcium160 mg (20% VNR)160 mg (20% VNR)160 mg (20% VNR)
Choline Bitartrate150 mg150 mg150 mg
Magnesium106 mg (28,8 VNR)106 mg (28,8% VNR)106 mg (28,8% VNR)
Vitamin C16 mg (20% VNR)16 mg (20% VNR)16 mg (20% VNR)
Iron2,7 mg (20% VNR)2,7 mg (20% VNR)2,7 mg (20% VNR)
Vitamin E2,4 mg (20% VNR)2,4 mg (20% VNR)2,4 mg (20% VNR)
Zinc1,95 mg (20% VNR)1,95 mg (20% VNR)1,95 mg (20% VNR)
Betacarotene 1,5 mg (vitamin A precursor)1,5 mg (vitamin A precursor)1,5 mg (vitamin A precursor)
Vitamin B5 1,2 mg (20% VNR)1,2 mg (20% VNR)1,2 mg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B30,512 mg (20 VNR)0,512 mg (20% VNR)0,512 mg (20% VNR)
Manganese0,396 mg (20% VNR)0,396 mg (20% VNR)0,396 mg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B6285 mcg (20% VNR)285 mcg (20% VNR)285 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B2280 mcg (20% VNR)280 mcg (20% VNR)280 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B1220 mcg (20% VNR)220 mcg (20% VNR)220 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B940 mcg (20% VNR)40 mcg (20% VNR)40 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B810 mcg (20% VNR)10 mcg (20% VNR)10 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin K115 mcg (20% VNR)15 mcg (20% VNR)15 mcg (20% VNR)
Selenium11 mcg (20% VNR)11 mcg (20% VNR)11 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin D31 mcg (20% VNR)1 mcg (20% VNR)1 mcg (20% VNR)
Vitamin B120,5 mcg (20% VNR)0,5 mcg (20% VNR)0,5 mcg (20% VNR)

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