What does Bivo contain?

Bivo contains 685 calories, equivalent to the content of a full meal, which means one third of the recommended calories for the normal daily activity of an adult individual. Bivo’s nutrients are spilt according to the proportion of the typical mediterranean diet. Bivo contains also the main vitamins and mineral salts which your body needs.

All the ingredients in Bivo are of plant origin. Therefore Bivo is designed to be suitable also for the people following a vegan diet.

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Carbohydrates constitutes the main source of energy for our body. Bivo contains the quantity of carbohydrates typical of the Mediterranean diet. There are mainly included in oat flour.


Proteins are the essential element for the proper functioning, growth and reparation of all living cells. In Bivo the main source of protein is ground flaxseed.


Fats are vital nutrients for our body.
Particularly important ar omega3 and omega6, of which Bivo is rich in, useful to prevent degenerative heart deseases and to lower high blood pressure.
In Bivo a source of fats is borage oil.


Dietary fiber has many advantages, among which the reduction of glycemic peak and of the insulin response.
Ground flaxseed and oat flour are natural sources of fiber.


See Bivo’s labels

Hereby below you can see in details the ingredients of Bivo.

Avena sativa L. (fruit) oat, food-grade maltodextrin, Linum usitatissimum L. (seeds), potassium citrate, Borrago officinalis (oil) powder, dolomite, choline bitartrate, Camu camu dry extract 50% titrated in vitamin C, iron gluconate, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, manganese gluconate, vitamin B3, yeast enriched with selenium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, beta-carotene, vitamin B9, vitamin B8, vitamin B12, flavouring.

Nutritional values

Hereby below you can see in details the nutritional values of Bivo.
GDA: Guideline Daily Amounts.

NUTRIENTSPer 100gPer meal (packet 165g)
Energy415 Kcal / 1742 Kj685 Kcal / 2875 Kj
Carbohydrates57,8 g95,4 g
of which from sugar2,9 g4,8 g
Fat13,8 g22,7 g
of which are saturated1,5 g2,4 g
Protein9,1 g15,0 g
Dietary Fiber11,9 g19,6 g
Salt0,04 g0,06 g
Potassium citrate400 mg660 mg (33% GDA)
Calcium160 mg264 mg (33% GDA)
Magnesium106,7 mg176 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin C16 mg26,4 mg (33% GDA)
Iron gluconate2,8 mg4,6 mg (33% GDA)
Zinc gluconate2 mg3,3 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin E2,4 mg4 mg (33% GDA)
Manganese gluconate0,4 mg0,66 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B33,2 mg5,3 mg (33% GDA)
Selenium5 mcg8,2 mcg (15% GDA)
Vitamin B51,2 mg2 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B60,28 mg0,46 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B20,28 mg0,46 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B10,22 mg0,36 mg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B940 mcg66 mcg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B810,1 mcg16,6 mcg (33% GDA)
Vitamin B120,50 mcg0,82 mcg (33% GDA)

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