Bivo 2.0 Natural

One package contains 12 single portion packets of Bivo Natural.

For the new Customers the shaker is given as a free gift!

For a single portion packet of Bivo only 3,99 €

price per package (12 meals)


Shaker for free with the first purchase of Bivo!

SKU: BivoNaturale

Product Description

This product contains 12 single portion packets of Bivo Natural (with the first order the Bivo shaker is given as a free gift!).

Bivo, the first Italian complete food, it is a high quality food which gives you the energy you need in an efficient and balanced way, without sacrificing taste. The main ingredient of Bivo are: oat flour, maltodextrin, pea protein, coconut oil, flaxseeds, borage oil. The product contains in addition all the main vitamins and mineral salts that your body needs.

Bivo Natural is ideal in any moment of the day and can be consumed at breakfast, at lunch, or at dinner, or in any different occasion when you need energy in a healthy, balanced and tasty way, avoiding the traditional quick and unhealthy food. A packet of Bivo contains all the macronutrients following the nutritional proportions of the mediterranean diet. The calorie intake of a Bivo packet is about 440 calories, given for the 52% by carbohydrates, for the 17% by proteins, by the 22% by fats and by the 9% by fibers.

The preparation of the product is extremely easy, thanks to the resealable packaging with easy opening. You just need to pour 300ml of water into the Bivo shaker, add the content of a Bivo packet and shake it for a few seconds.

The product when prepared has the consistency of a smoothie (so much that you can also drink it directly from the shaker or from a glass). The taste is delicate but round, with a taste of oat and flaxseeds.