“Quick” breakfast

The alarm rings at 7:02, like every morning. Those two minutes are linked to a psychological question: it’s a way to tell friends that with the new job you don’t have to get up too early.

Go to the bathroom still dazed, asking yourself the usual questions, as the lucidity takes over your body again. “Who I am? Where am I? What year is it? … What should I do today? Why do I have to get up so early in bed? ”

Without your noticing, 15 minutes have already passed, and it’s time to get dressed and leave.
“How do they be 7:25 !? Who suddenly sent the clock forward !? ”
You sling in the kitchen and put on the moka. You eat two biscuits, with your mouth still kneaded. The coffee is ready. “How much I love who invented the moka!” You think. Gulp down your coffee and leave, anxious to be late for work if you find traffic.

Arrived, you’re already hungry. But really very hungry. But now you either grab the snacks from the machine, or wait for your lunch break.

Hours go by, concentration as well … a drop in crazy energy.

Lunch arrives. A hunger that you would devour an entire ox, but you remember that summer is approaching and you promised yourself not to overdo it. Despite this, blinded by hunger pangs, he swallowed anything, even chewing little.

In the afternoon you have an absurd sleep, due to the inevitable glycemic peak after a meal that even at Easter Monday. You also get a headache. “It’s evening I should go to the gym, I don’t want to jump like the last time” you are convinced, because summer is approaching and when you put yourself in your head you do something, whatever the cost. After work, you will have time to jump home, grab your bag and leave. You’ll make it.

You are about to leave work, but as always there is the unexpected that keeps you a few minutes longer. Finally you go home. Enter and take the bag. “I throw myself a moment on the couch and then I leave” he thinks naively.

You wake up that it is 9. “What a day of m …” you exclaim, thinking of the fact that they should invent a solution for when you happen to have no time like today. Why doesn’t a healthy and immediate thing exist? But not like those bibitoni full of sugars and chemical things … A natural product that works well and is good. “Am I asking too much?”.

Don’t ask too much:

For your quick breakfasts (and not only), try Bivo. It is ready in 30 seconds, it is good and gives you the energy you need, with the nutritional balance of the Mediterranean Diet. Without sweeteners, no added sugars, no preservatives, Bivo is designed to release energy constantly, so as to help you maintain concentration and live serenely even the most challenging days.