Review of Bivo 2.0 by 2 Cuori in Cammino

We are glad to publish the review by Marco and Lauro of 2 Cuori in Cammino ( The original review can be found in the Facebook page of 2 Cuori in Cammino, which we suggest you to follow because it is full of wonderful images and incredible tales on their adventures:


After having tried BIVO for many months during our trekking adventure in Patagonia, we have reviewed it with a product evaluation that you can read here ( It was for sure important for our nutrition during those months, providing us with all the energy boost we needed.

The company has been very kind and has listened to our observations and has considered them in the development of the second and improved version of the product.

When we were back from Patagonia, in the meantime, the development and realization of BIVO 2.0 was over. They kindly ask us to taste it and, after a few weeks, we had the opportunity to test the product during a long walk on the Via degli Dei, which we completed in a few day, sleeping in a tent by night.


We have received two upgraded shakers and 6 packets with the new flavours: Natural, Coconut and Mango.

The shaker has remained of the same dimension as the first one, but the company added an useful loop that you can you to fix it to your backpack. The plastic is BPA Free and very solid: you can use it as a bottle or even to prepare dried legumes and rehydrate them (reducing cooking time).

The new packet is easy to open without the help of any knife and is resealable, so that you can use the portion in more than one shot. This would be even more useful if the packet was bigger, like with an energy intake of 2400-3000 kcal. The new form of the packet is rectangular and slightly bigger, which makes it more difficult than the previous one to pack them in a super small space: of course this is just a problem for who does long trekking adventure of many days.


Analysing the new portion, we want to divide the description according to the following parameters: taste, texture and caloric intake.

The taste in the mango and coconut version at last is very clear, even if after a few sips the flavor becomes less persistent. It is anyway very much improved compared to the previous version, for which we had to add Nesquik to make it tastier.

The texture is for sure improved. Without the full flaxseed (they have minced them inside the product, so they are still there but as a powder) it is easier to wash the shaker and with less water than before (this is really important when it is hard to find water) and the product is much easier to drink (no seeds get stuck inside our teeth).

In the version 2.0 the content of the packet has been reduced from 165 grams (685 calories) to 114 grams (443 calories). With a simple division you can notice that the nutrition value per gram is slightly less than before: the new formula has improved digestibility and increased the intake of protein, with less carbs. An energy intake of 450 calories makes the product ideal as a snack during outdoor activities but not as a full meal replacement: if the activity is really intense you need at least two packets. The bad aspect about it is that the price has remained the same, even if the calories are less.

What we would like to see in the version BIVO 3.0:

– some more flavours; variety is always welcome

-a resealable packet but with the energy you need for an entire day (3000 kcal)

-an ACTIVE version that is specific for outdoor activities

Me and Laura will continue to use BIVO 2.0 during our trekking adventures and we convinced the company to offer you an interesting promotion  to give you the possibility to try this meal replacement.

Ordering 12 packets of BIVO from and writing the discount code “2 CUORI” in the notes of the order, you will receive 3 additional packets of the product for free and the company will support our next expedition giving us 2 packets as a gift.

So…try BIVO 2.0 and let us know what you think about it!!