One day of the year Vicenza turns. Become the realm of people and stop being the home of cars. That is the day of Ecological Sunday, that is the day of Stress.

This year the StraVicenza will be held on March 17th and we at Bivo will be present with our booth on viale Roma. It is an honor for us to participate in such an important event for our city. We are always pleased to be present at events in our province, where we can introduce Bivo to our fellow citizens. At our stand all the curious can taste Bivo and receive a discount code for their first order.

We are even more pleased to be partners of the Stravicenza, one of the most qualified 10km running races in Italy, included in the national Fidal calendar and now in its nineteenth edition. The competition is promoted by Atletica Vicentina Run, an association founded in 2009 by Atletica Vicentina, one of the leading companies in Italy for the practice of athletics at a competitive level. AV Run aims to make available to the running enthusiasts the wealth of knowledge built over the years. The Running School project is also interesting for those who are used to running alone, are interested in finding an instructor to improve their running technique and a group of people with whom to run in safety and sociability.

We are also proud to be actors of the Ecological Sunday, this year with our stand. In the blog we have repeatedly written that it is necessary to change our habits to reduce the impact of man on the environment. In an article published a year ago ( we reflected on how it was enough to share the car to go to work with a colleague to reduce, in our small way, emissions of CO2. They are small gestures like the one of Sunday without a car. It will certainly not be the Ecological Sunday to save the planet and not even to reduce the level of the smog of a city. However it is a small step that can show that another city and another mobility are possible.