The best hiking paths in Alto Adige

Did you do the trekking paths we suggested you in Trentino ( and you are headed to Alto Adige? Then, first of all we suggest you to write a review on one of the excursions you completed in Trentino and send it to us at You can win a trial kit of Bivo for free, which you can taste during your next excursion in Alto Adige 🙂

Path of the Nature Lake of Anterselva

We start from an easy excursion that you can plan both during summer and during fall. It is a walk of less than 4 km but which will allow you to admire the lake and the Collalto and Col Aspro mountains. The path starts from Tiroler Hutte mountain hut in the valley Anterselva, near the center for biathlon. 

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Path of the wine of Chiusa

Do you love wine and outdoor activities? You cannot miss the path of the wine of Chiusa, in the heart of Alto Adige, which will allow you to walk surrounded by grapes and mountains. The starting point of this easy walk is the pool of Chiusa, from which you simply need to follow instructions to the Weinwanderweg. We suggest you to contact the Turistic Association of Chiusa to be guided by qualified persons who will bring you to interesting wine tasting during the path.

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Excursion from San Cassiano to the Altopiano of Fanes

If you are on holidays in Alto Adige you cannot miss the Natural Park Fanes-Senes-Braies, UNESCO World Heritage. This excursion starts from Capanna Alpina (to reach it you need to use public transportation from San Cassiano or a car) and to take path number 11. The view that you have are stunning, starting from the “Parliament of beavers”, a magnificent natural rock formation.

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Saint Uberto – Ucia de Sennes

You can have great excursions in Alto Adige both in the summer and in the winter. That is why we want to speak about a trekking path you better wait some months to do, when there will be snow. We follow a suggestion by our friend Andrea of Return to the Origin, who rated with full marks this excursion. We leave you to Andrea for the details about this path, which from Saint Uberto takes the road n.51 from Dobbiamo to Cortina d’Ampezzo.

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Meranesi water paths

We report a great excursion, 84 km long, which is made by 8 stops (of course, it is not mandatory to walk them all). Starting and ending to the East of Tel, around the Merano valley.

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Alta via of Fundres

We left the most difficult excursions at last. The Alta Via of Fundres links Vipiteno to Brunico and is 64 km long, to be done in 6 days from the Alpes of Fundres, always above 2000 metres of altitude.

To complete this adventure you need to be expert and in good shape, but you also need to love high mountains. In addition, always control the weather conditions and when mountain huts are open. In any case, do not forget to bring Bivo with you! During trekking activity, of one or more days, Bivo is particularly useful because it allows you to recover your energy and re-hydrate, in any situation.

Of course, if you are not so trained or you don’t have 6 days available, it is possible to walk only some part of the Alta Via, with different levels of difficulty.

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Alta Via of the Dolomites n.2

We left at last the Alto Via of the Dolomites n.2, a path which is 180 km long, passing through 13 stops, which links Bressanone to Feltre.

Also in this case, naturally, it is not mandatory to walk all the 13 stops, but we assure you that this is one of the best paths in the Dolomites, and you will be amazed by the landscape.

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