The best hiking paths in Lombardia

We started the section of our blog dedicated to the best hiking paths of Italian regions from Veneto, our territory. Hereby we want to speak about the nearest region, Lombardia. In Lombardia, too, there are plenty of possibilities and it is hard to decide which one to select. For this reason, we ask you your help: send us your article (address: we will be happy to publish it and to send a free kit of Bivo to the 5 best “stories”.

Calchére of Garda

We left you on the Garda lake and we are back there, on the same lake but on the opposite side of it, near Brescia. We cannot miss the possibility to be immersed in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, which is more than 40 thousand hectares between the villages from Salò to Limone. In those paths you can see the lake from above, and the best path for expert hikers is the one starting from Limone and arriving to Bonaventura (but in the Park there are many more roads to choose if you are looking for something easier). During the path you will be able to see the famous Calchére, which are ancient furnaces used to produce lime.

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Il pian di Gembro

Let’s stay in Lombardia but we change province and park: to the Natural Reserve of the Pian di Gembro. We know that it is not now the best time, but we want to suggest you for next winter a ciaspolata (excursion with ciaspole) in this ancient place, where you will find debris from the last Alpin glaciation. A ring 6km long and just 200 metres of altitude difference for an easy but extraordinary path during which you can admire various mountains: Adamello, Aprica, and the Orobic Alpes. The place is immersed in the deepest silence and the purest nature.

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At the North of the Orobic Alpes – from Valcanale to the Fop

From pian di Gembro you can already see the Orobic Alpes. We cannot avoid to suggest you to take a path in the hearth of the Orobic Alpes of Bergamo. 

We think the best path is the unconventional one proposed by our friends of, true experts that we trust. It is a different type of road than the one we spoke about for plan di Grembi, much difficult and suitable only for who is well trained, physically and technically.

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Cornizzolo Mount

We totally change the level of difficulty and we bring you to another path suggested by Gabriele and Erica of A path of 9km with an altitude difference of 900 metres, which from Località Pozzo in Civate allows you to reach the peak of Cornizzolo Mount. Before reaching the peak we suggest you to take a break in the Marisa Consigliere mountain hut, to taste the great food they prepare there (by an association called the Società Escursionisti Civatesi). In these excursions where at the top there is a good mountain hut waiting for you with great food, we suggest you to bring anyway Bivo with you in the backpack, in case of emergency, if you will need energy in the middle of the path or if the mountain hut will unfortunately be closed.

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The path of the Lariani Mounts

Not just one day trekking paths for the outdoor enthusiasts. The path of the Lariani Mounts is 125 km long and takes you a lot of time to complete it. There are many huts during the way. The path goes near the Como lake, from Cernobbio to Cernico. The beauty of this path is more than we can explain.

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Greenway of the Como lake

A shorter alternative to enjoy the wonderful view of the Como lake is the Greenway: a path of about 4 hours between ancient villages, villas, gardens and churches of the Western bank of the Como lake.

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Via Postumia – le tappe Lombarde

We want to highlight a great initiative by Stefano Sereni and Andrea Vitiello, which have walked the ancient path of 932 km which was called the Via Postumia. The two people we mentioned are from Mantova, and have already programmed a good way to walk this path, with all the possible breaks and places to visit.

There are around ten suggested legs in Lombardia, from Mincio – the border between Veneto and Lombardia – to Cremona, which allows you to reach Piacenza. We want to point our that between in Ponti sul Mincio and in Monzambano the castles are really something you should see. Another part not to miss is the one connecting Mantova to Sabbioneta, which is a Unesco site, and Casalmaggiore.