The best hiking paths in Trentino

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The Trentino is one of the favourite destination for outdoor life lovers. For this reason we wanted to list now some of the best hiking paths of this beautiful reason, so that you can enjoy them during the holidays. First of all, we suggest you to go on this portal ( which describes lots of possibilities and where you can also filter the different ideas to find which is the best option for you. Hereby we have selected a small part of the 300 and more paths suggested (we are speaking just about Trentino, leaving Alto Adige for the next article).

Cima Avez

We want to start from an easy path (suitable for families and that you can walk all year long) but which allows you to walk inside nature with amazing views on the Adamello and the Garda lake. The path, on the border between Trentino and Lombardia, is along an old military street, with plenty biodiversity to enjoy (some plants even exclusively live in this area).

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Trekking on the mountain huts of Passo Brocon

We suggest you this path because it is easy and because we like genuine and natural food. Moreover, it is near the Altopiano di Asiago, the mountains near our city (Vicenza). This path starts from a restaurant called Arpaco and it is just 5.5 km long with a altitude difference of 300 metres. We do suggest you, anyway, to go there to enjoy half a day inside nature with the possibility to discover the typical cheese of the area.

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Excursion to the Velo mountain hut

Let’s increase the difficulty and go to a trekking path of medium difficulty which will bring us to the Madonna del Velo mountain hut, which is at the top of the Madonna Peak, one of the highest peak of the San Martino Mount. For this path we considered the precise description of our friend Andrea of Ritorno alle Origini, who in order to reach the mountain hut has started from Civertaghe and followed the path 713. An alternative, could be starting from the station of Col Verde of San Martino di Castrozza and take the forrest road nr. 702, continuing to the path 721 until this crosses with the path 713 to go to the mountain hut.

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Cevedale lakes

Let’s continue with a new path, which is more difficult but with enchanting views for people who love mountains and glaciers. It is a ring around the Cevedale, surrounded by the Stelvio Nation Park. It is called the Lakes Trekking.

During the path you can see five lakes. The starting point is in Malgare (Pejo valley), from which you start climbing among brooks. As soon as you reach Lacher (2600 metres) you have a great view of the Cevedale mountains and its glaciers. Continuing the road you will be able to see: Marmotte lake, Lungo lake, Nero lake, Careser Lake and Lama lake. In addition to these lakes if you are lucky enough you can see some chamois.

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Tour on the Dolomiti di Brenta

One of the most particular views in Trentino is for sure the National park of Adamello Brenta, the biggest protected area of Trentino. This park includes to the East the entire group of Brenta (defended by Unesco), made by dolomitic rocks and granites. The park is a territory rich in biodiversity. Alpine stars, lillies, rhododendrons, and many more plants. Beavers, steinbocks, bears, squirrels, foxes and many other animals are common in the area.

The path which we chose passes by Brenta, Casinei and Tuckett. The starting point is from Madonna di Campiglio (1522 metres), and the arriving point in the mountain hut of Tuckett is (2272 metres).

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Tour of the peaks – valley of Ledro

If if you are in the Ledro vally there is a very difficult but unforgettable path that allows you to see the highest peaks of the vallye: Pichea, Tofino, Doss de la Torta, Gavardina, Corno dei Guì, Corno di Lomar, Roda, Cadria. The path is more than 25 km long with 2500 difference in altitude. 

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Tour of the peaks – Monte di Mezzocorona, Valle dell’Adige and Val di Non

This is a path of 13 km which starts from the mount Mezzocorona and through which you can see the wonderful Adige valley and Val di Non. To walk the path of the peaks (SAT 500-518-507-500) you will need around 7 hours and is suggested for who is quite trained and experienced, but it is one of the most beautiful of all the Region.

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