The best trekking routes in Abruzzo

Are you in abstinence from trekking or do you wander in the digital world in search of some suggestions for your walks with mountain boots on your feet? This article is for you.

Before getting into the region that we have chosen for you, we cannot recommend to tackle trekking suitable for your level of training and experience and to use material suitable for the excursion: in the mountains it is forbidden to improvise! Before leaving, find out more about the excursion you are going to take.

Our journey in the Apennines continues. After having talked about Lazio, Marche and Umbria it is the turn of Abruzzo.

Let’s start from the largest Natural Park in this area: the Natural Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise (which we have already discussed in the article about Lazio The park has more stretches in Abruzzo; we could not therefore not offer you a park path also for the Abruzzo area.

The path that we would like to recommend starts in Val Fondillo, in Opi, and ends at the Valico Passaggio dell’Orso (crossroads F2). It is a tourist path that takes about 6 hours to walk. The trail initially climbs the Fondillo stream and will allow you to walk surrounded by beech and willows. Along the path that will lead you to the Valico you will be able to appreciate the Grotta delle Fate, a cavity from which pure and transparent water flows. It is a path to be followed with open eyes: often hikers can see the Marsican bear among the vegetation.

Cave lovers? Here is the walk for you. The Stiffe Caves are a resurgence, a point at which the river reappears after having traveled a stretch underground. The excursion inside the caves is very suggestive with a constant temperature of 10 ° C, a very thin water vapor and a particular play of lights. Access to the caves is through a metal walkway from which one can admire the noisy river from above, then silent and then reappear in all its power in a waterfall. The walk will take you past the Sala del Silenzio, the Sala della Cascata and the Sala delle Concrezioni to reach the Black Lake at the end.

Less known than the Natural Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, the Sirente Velino Natural Regional Park is a heritage for biodiversity with over 2000 species of flora and 200 species of vertebrates, including 149 different birds. The park has a very wide offer both as regards the itineraries related to the observation of nature and as regards culture, history and art. Among the buildings worthy of mention we point out the Church of San Sebastiano in Ovindoli and the medieval church of Santa Maria del Ponte in Tione degli Abruzzi.

The Gorges of Celano are often defined as one of the most significant naturalistic places in Italy. The Gorges of Celano are a kind of canyon, born from erosion phenomena, 4 kilometers long that follows the course of the La Foce stream at the center of Monte Sirene and Monte Tino. The view of the Gorges is truly breathtaking; the landscape characterized by very narrow passages along the mountain walls surrounded by a unique fauna and flora habitat.

When history meets nature, you usually get extraordinary results. This is the case of the Way of the brigands. A journey of about 100 kilometers that has its point of departure and arrival in Tagliacozzo (AQ). The Way is included in the Way of the Company’s Way Network and can be traveled in 7 days. It is possible to follow it in full or only a few stages, by bike, on foot or even on the back of a donkey.

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Let yourself be fascinated by the beauty of the Abruzzo Apennines and head to this fantastic region for your outdoor holidays.