The best trekking routes of Piedmont

The trekking season returns and our section returns as well, region by region, offering you a selection of the best outdoor routes to deal with. We started from our Region, Veneto, and then moved to Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli and Emilia Romagna.
We remain in the alpine side of our beautiful Peninsula … And here we are in Piedmont. A Region certainly important from the historical and economic point of view for Italy and that can offer also a kind of outdoor environment second to no one. The background of the stage of the Savoy region is composed of the invaluable wall composed of the Maritime Alps, Cozie, Graie and Pennine. But Piedmont is not unique to the Alps: the hilly landscapes of the Langhe, Monferrato and Vercellese are also impressive.

One of the sacred mountains of our Belpaese is certainly the Monviso, the king of Pietra, the highest mountain in the Cozie Alps with its 3841 meters. This relief is particularly important because it is UNESCO heritage and because at its feet there is the source of the Po (the main river in Italy). The ring of Monviso is a “5-day stroll”, which allows you to discover all the fantastic landscapes that give us the Valley of Po, the Valle Varaita and the Valle del Guil.

Another ride for lovers of high mountain is the Tour of Monte Rosa, a sacred beast in the Italian Alpine panorama. Nine stages, six valleys and a minimum altitude of 1600 meters that reaches even the 3317 of the Teodulo Pass.

But those who are keen on trekking do not live only in the mountains. We therefore offer you the Grande Traversata della Collina. A route of 6 stages to be covered on foot or by mountain bike that connects Moncalieri to Chivasso through the splendid views offered by the Turin hills.

In Piedmont there is no shortage of natural parks with a unique charm. The Natural Park of the Maritime Alps is the largest protected area in Piedmont and covers over 100,000 hectares. In the past this area was a hunting reserve of the royal monarchy of Savoy. Today, however, it is the home of ibex and marmots and an ideal setting where hikers and mountaineers can organize their walks. In Valle Gesso, which hosts almost the entire Natural Park, and in the neighboring valleys (Valle Stura di Demonte and Valle Vermagna) there are many historical and well-kept paths. Among these we recommend the route of the Wolf. The route of 10 stages owes its name to a somewhat particular story. A wolf, after being hit by a car near Parma, was taken care of and a gps detector was applied to it. It was thus possible to monitor its journey from Emilia to Liguria and finally to France between the Maritime Alps
(then renamed, in fact, route of the Wolf).

Another fascinating park in this beautiful region is that of the Gran Paradiso, one of the symbols of the Alps and the oldest protected area in Italy, since 1856, when the Savoys established the Royal Reserve in order to preserve the Alpine ibex, an animal who was at risk of extinction at the time. Surrounded by these beautiful landscapes and hundreds of marmots, the Nivolet hill is an idyllic corner between the Piedmontese and the Aosta Valley territories. An ideal itinerary to admire the whole Gran Paradiso chain.

Was it not enough for you what we have proposed so far? Last but not least, the GTA: the great crossing of the Alps. From the mountains of Domodossola the GTA arrives to the Ligurian Alps for a total length of about 1000 km divided into about 55 stages lasting 5-8 hours of travel.

This is only a small selection of all the itineraries that can be traveled in this region. And you? Do you know some routes to recommend to trekking lovers? Write to us at and you will receive 4 free Bivo packets.