The importance of a positive attitude

In the Who we are page of our website, we try to briefly describe the values ​​and principles underlying the Bivo project.
Many of our “milestones” are closely linked to the world of nutrition:
Food sustainability, the valorization of Made in Italy, the Freedom to eat overcoming prearranged paradigms, the opposition to junk food, the fight against food waste; we are speaking about essential principles for us.
But there is a point that apparently has nothing to do with what we are doing, and instead is the first of our principles: Confidence and positive thinking about the future.
In these few lines we would like to explain why in our opinion it has to do with what we are doing.
First of all, we were not incurable optimists we would never even speculate to develop and produce in Italy a food like Bivo, with characteristics totally different from what the Italians are used to know and consume. We did it because we think that compared to what many experts think, people are much more ready to embrace positive innovation, the one constructive and able to solve the great problems and the great contradictions of our world.
In the food world, it is proven with irrefutable scientific evidence that the current food model is unsustainable, from all points of view, starting from environmental and economic impact considerations (without entering into issues more subjective and ethical). Despite this, it seems that humanity does nothing to change the trend of destruction of the environmental ecosystem, which indeed accelerates more and more.
Let’s remember once again: the first cause of climate change is the totally senseless and unbalanced food model adopted by modern society.

Behold, we are convinced that humanity has resources, hidden at first sight, but that will emerge precisely in times of difficulty, which unfortunately inevitably await us in the future.
In our small way, we started from the conviction that a food like Bivo, while challenging the habits and convictions rooted in the minds of many people, is an intelligent innovation, useful for the lifestyle of many, and sustainable for the environment. Without this positive mentality, we would not even have started. The results, after years of work, are proving us right: people have proved more ready for innovation than we ourselves had anticipated.
Although in a context that is still “small” like that of the Bivo experience, we believe that what happened is yet another proof that a positive attitude influences the results achieved, improving them.
Although we are aware that with Bivo we are only trying to make our own contribution, but that we will never be able to change things on our own, we are happy to be able to say that trust and the positive attitude towards the future guide and will continue to guide our  company’s choices.
We hope that many more people can embrace this kind of mentality, even in areas different from that of food.