What is Bivo?

Bivo is complete food which provides to your organism the nutritional balance of the mediterranean diet.

You choose when to consume it: everyday, once a week or once a month.

Bivo does not substitute your diet, but it is ideal when you need quick, complete and healthy food.


When do we use Bivo?


Outdoor activity

Are you preparing your backpack for outdoor activities? You fear a sandwich and some energy bars will not be enough nor convenient for such a hard day? Bring Bivo and its handy shaker with you! You will be able to drink Bivo in every situation and time when your body will need energy.


Little time for lunch

A few hours till the deadline of a project? Lots of things to do and little time available? Energy is almost over? The alternatives are an oily pizza, a depressing sandwich, or fasting? From now on the answer is one: Bivo!


More time for ourselves

At night you don’t want to cook and wash dishes? Bivo is the solution!


Evening training

No time to digest a sandwich before the evening training? Bivo, its digestibility and its balanced calorie intake are the solution.



During a trip, while waiting train or airplain? Bivo and its ease of use are the solution.


Exams are near

Final exams are near and you have little time to prepare them? Bivo gives you the energy you need for the long hours of study.

What are the ingredients?

  • Oat flour

    It is obtained by milling grains, or groats, of the oat (avena sativa). Oat flour is a source of carbohydrates with low glycemic index and releases energy slowly into our body.

  • Ground flax seed

    The seeds of the plant of Linum usitatissimum are cold milled. The seeds contains large amounts of protein, calcium and omega3.

  • Borage oil

    It is obtained by pressing the seeds of Borrago officinalis. It is used as a supplement to lower cholesterol and protect our tissues from oxidation.

  • Vitamins and Mineral salts

    On top of a balanced presence of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, Bivo is made complete by the balanced content of the main vitamins and mineral salts.

What do you think of Bivo?

Try it and let us know your opinion