What to do to prepare for trekking

The term “trekking” derives from the Hungarian term “trekken”, which means “to pull” and refers to the journeys on carts pulled by horses or makeshift means. In this brief article we provide some small suggestions to whom has just started to approach this amazing outdoor activity. The term “Groot Trek” dates back to mid 1800, period when Dutch colonists in South Africa had to make a numerous journeys around the World.

In English “to trek” means to make a long journey, walking slowly. But the meanings of “trek” and “trekking” are different and can change according to the Country where these words are used. In some cases with the term trekking it is meant a slow and strenuous journey in arduous places, in some other cases an excursion in mountainous areas, in other cases a generic adventurous trip (as in Star Trek for example).

Trekking is sometimes used as a synonym for walking, for daily excursion or for long travel.

Hard to say exactly what “trekking” means and to provide a realistic and final definition. In Italian we translate it, for example, as “hiking on natural paths to be done on foot”.

But it is not so important its definition, what matters is that in the last years this kind of physical activity has been spreading a lot everywhere around the World. Walking through the woods, along the seaside or in the mountains. Trekking is very appreciated because it gives people the opportunity to be immersed inside nature, to enjoy slowly the view, to relax minds and bodies and to stay healthy.

Before starting with trekking we need to warn you that, even if it is an activity which everybody can do, it is necessary to be prepared. Some simple suggestions will be considered obvious by the most experts, but we want to start from the basics.

First of all, it is fundamental to make a plan. You need to know as much as possible the specific features of the path you are going to take. What is the altitude, how many km you need to walk and how much time it will take. Fundamental is also to be updated about the weather conditions (some paths are better to be avoided with bad weather).

A crucial aspect is clothing, shoes in particular. You need comfortable shoes, which should fit the type of path you take. Another important thing when you choose the shoes is being aware of your physical conditions: your age, state of fitness, health. If you pick the wrong shoes it can even be dangerous, so be really careful about that.

Equipment is another decisive aspect. According to the kind of path you will take, you need to be sure about what to take with you. For an one day excursion you need for sure: k-way, knife, thermos and food (in the case where during the road you will not be able to find water, than it is necessary to bring enough water with you).

After reading these brief suggestions, you just need to decide which kind of path you want to walk and prepare your backpack. Remember that a packet of Bivo is ideal as an emergency food for outdoor activities (you can also use your own bottle of water or thermos to prepare it). Now you are definitely ready to start your adventure!


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