World trends in foodtech – INTRODUCTION

Many times we have talked in this blog about one of the biggest problems that our modern society has to face, even if not all people are aware of it yet: our food model is absolutely unsustainable, both from the point of view of the impact on people’s health, both from the point of view of the impact on our planet.

How to make the way humanity feeds sustainable?

To find intelligent solutions to this enormous problem, a few years ago the so-called Foodtech sector was born. Foodtech, that is, innovative companies seeking to find answers to the question of sustainability. The solutions must be found by force, it is not an eventuality: if we do nothing, the consequences on our economy, on our environment, on our health, on our society, will be disastrous (we have talked about it several times, reporting data from important institutions and world organizations such as FAO and WHO).

But what are the sectors in which the most innovative food companies in the world are focusing?

Simplifying, we can identify 9 macro areas where Foodtech companies work:

For each of the different product categories we will make an article in our blog in the coming weeks, exploring some examples of startups, services and innovative products that are emerging around the 9 macro areas.

Interested in understanding how the world of food innovation will evolve?

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