In the previous article we introduced the theme of Foodtech (, making a brief summary of the main areas in which the most innovative food companies world are working.

The first sector we have named is that of innovative food products.

The products we deal with in this article must not only be new, but above all respond to the problems linked to environmental sustainability and people’s health. In short: let’s not talk about the new taste of Magnum ice cream for the 2019 summer 😉

To find intelligent and sustainable solutions, you need to change the point of view, and challenge some common places around the world of nutrition.

This is particularly true for those who have decided to develop products that are new in themselves, both for the use of uncommon ingredients and for the particular mix of ingredients used.

This is the case for at least three types of innovative food products.

Seaweed based products

The first example we do is that of algae-based products. Algae are a widely used ingredient in our kitchen, which has many advantages. Some types of algae are in fact very valid from a nutritional point of view (among the most famous we indicate spirulina, a seaweed with a high protein content), maintaining a significantly lower environmental impact than the production of ingredients of animal origin.

Among the various startups operating in this sector we mention a Dutch company, Seamore:

We met the Seamore guys in Milan at the Seed & Chips a few years ago, and having tasted their products we assure you that they are of high quality.

Insect-based products

Another example of new ingredients still little used, even if actually consumed by billions of people in a country outside the West, is that of insects.

Here too, there are many types of edible insects, some of which are very good (try it).

There are many applications, especially considering the flour derived from the insects themselves.

An example that we cite is that of the startup of our friends at Crickèfood:

It is a startup developed by young Italians who have decided to create the company in England (we know well the difficulties of making innovation in Italy, we hope they will return one day to the Bel Paese!). Last year we interviewed Francesco Majno, one of the founders:

Once the distrust towards the type of food has been overcome, if you try their products you will see that they are really delicious.

Complete Foods (the category where Bivo belongs)

The last example we do with respect to a great trend in innovative food products concerns the new type of food called Complete Foods. This is the category of Bivo, the only Complete Food Made in Italy.

For those curious, months ago we wrote a short story about this type of products in our blog, in the two articles below:

Complete Foods: a brief history

Complete Foods: a brief history (part 2)